Clerel Advanced​ Skin Care
Clerel Advanced​ Skin Care

Clerel Advanced: Medical appliances are highly used by dermatologists and cosmetic doctors to implement deep skincare. Over the years, doctors and scientists, along with specialized technicians, have adapted the large equipment to portable devices for domestic use to bring skincare and the prevention of skin aging to the comfort of home.

Portable devices for aesthetic use with ergonomic characteristics, comfortable to use, with great benefits for skincare at a lower cost, are increasingly requested by users.

The skincare appliance company Beauty Devices has launched CLEREL Skin Advanced, an innovative, high-tech device designed to provide professional treatment through a device that emits red and fractional infrared light to counteract the signs of skin aging.

1. First applications of Light Therapy

Fractional infrared and red light therapy was first applied in the 1990s by NASA at the plant level. In the experiment, it was shown how red and infrared light accelerated the process of photosynthesis, in addition to increasing plant growth.

This experiment started a series of multiple scientific studies in the area of dermatology and aesthetics that today ensure the benefits and various uses of red and fractional infrared light in the field of skin and general health.

2. Product details. How does it work?

The CLEREL portable device uses “growth technology”, known in the world of aesthetics and dermatology as biostimulation therapy or fractional infrared and red light therapy.

The wavelength emitted by red light is 633 nm and the wavelength of fractional infrared light is 830 nm, highly effective in penetrating tissue without damaging the skin. When starting treatment with CLEREL Skin Advanced, the light is absorbed by the skin and acts directly on the cells. Light is transformed into energy within the cell (ATP), stimulating biochemical and biological processes at the cellular level that initiate a whole series of metabolic events, including:

  • Reduction of oxidative stress (free radicals).
  •  Increased release of ATP or cellular energy.
  •  Increased activity of the lymphatic system allowing adequate lymphatic drainage and eliminating fluid retention
  • Increased phagocytosis or controlled cell cleaning.
  • Reduction of inflammation in the affected tissues.
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts and increased production of collagen and elastin.
  • Increased circulation and the formation of new blood capillaries.
  • Cell repair.

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