ZEXIRA is a compact system that can be installed in a small space. Nevertheless, it supports a wide variety of radiographic and fluoroscopic studies over extensive longitudinal and lateral ranges. When it is combined with a digital image processing system, virtually all parts of the body can be imaged. In addition, since ZEXIRA is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency, it is attractive to hospital administrators as a very cost-effective system. Although it is economical, ZEXIRA is provided with an FPD, ensuring excellent image quality.

Fluoroscopy (Advanced Image Processing (AIP))

It has been almost a century since Canon Medical Systems began its research and development for the first X-ray tube in Japan.
Advanced Image Processing (AIP) is the latest image processing methods based on the image processing technologies that have been developed by Canon Medical Systems over many years. Canon Medical Systems’ original technologies have led to significant advances in imaging equipperaents.

Innovative tabletop technologies for patient-friendly design with enhanced usability

  • Canon Medical Systems’ unique rounded tabletop makes it easier to reposition the patient during GI studies, while minimizing discomfort during longer procedures such as ERCP.
  • The tabletop features a clean design that is free of grooves or changes in level. This means that it is much easier to clean the tabletop, minimizing the risk of infection.
  • The left and right sides of the tabletop frame have been made thinner, the available area for fluoroscopy in the lateral direction is 63 cm. As a result, the full width of the tabletop can be used, making it easier to perform examinations such as contrast studies to assess hemodialysis access in the brachial artery and myelography, in which the patient may be positioned far from the center of the table.
  • In ZEXIRA, priority has been given to patient-friendliness. The table can be lowered to 48 cm above the floor in the horizontal position, making it easier to examine patients who are unable to walk without assistance. It is also much easier to transfer patients from a stretcher onto the table, improving safety and reducing the workload on medical staff. Read more

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