Aira Facial Steamer
Aira Facial Steamer

The moment you finally get some “me” time is also the best time to update your self care routine. And with Instagram influencers and celebrities, backing this one steamer from Vanity Planet, it’s hard to ignore creating a spa day of your own at home.

If you’re not sure which “Instagrammable” steamer I’m referring to, it’s Vanity Planet’s Aira Ionic Facial Steamer. Whether you’re staying home and looking for something fun to do or hoping to spruce up your skincare routine, this steamer is a fan favorite. Vanity Planet’s Aira Facial Steamer has already sold out several times and lucky for you, it’s $20 off its original price right now.

This space-saving steamer is great for detoxing right before you go in with your favorite cleanser. According to Healthline, stea Howdy, and built up oils, plus, it also helps your other skincare products absorb into the skin better.

Made to eliminate dirt in the pores, the steam that’s emitted helps hydrate and soften the skin while the steamer’s ion generator helps to make the steam penetrate the skin even deeper. The steamer comes with three additional replacement nozzles.

And what’s even better? You can even add essential oils inside for a more relaxed session. The product page does recommend that you use filtered water rather than tap to get the most out of your steaming session and to make your steamer last.

Beauty influencers like Desi Perkins have backed the product and even Mariah Carey’s makeup artist, Anagilda Acevedo revealed on Instagram that she’s used it on the singer to detoxify her skin.

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