Beauty Optix Laser Hair Remover uses the same technology that cosmetologists and medical practitioners use for permanent hair removal treatments. Easily remove hair from every area of your body. The pulse is gentle enough for sensitive areas like your bikini line, and strong enough the remove stubborn leg and armpit hairs. Even those unrelenting chin hairs that pop up while you are out and about are no match for the IPL Epilator.

Reduce hair growth with the first use, and see permanent hair removal in as little as six uses. The IPL technology destroys the hair follicles, preventing regrowth in the treated areas. You can achieve whole-body hair removal in as little as 30 minutes without having to book an entire day at the spa.

There are five adjustable energy levels, allowing you to target each area with only the amount of intense light needed. Try both the manual and automatic slide options: the manual mode is for precision areas such as eyebrows and lips, while automatic is recommended for removing hair from larger areas such as the back, legs, and torso.

Beauty Optix Intense Pulse Light Epilator is safe for nearly all skin types, except for the darkest, where it can cause a slight discoloration.

✓ Permanent Hair Removal

✓ Five energy levels and two modes

✓ Safe for almost all skin types

✓ Small, portable, and safe to use on-the-go

✗ No more expensive hair removal treatments