Argan oil on face: The ultimate boost to your skincare routine

Thinking of adding oils to your skincare routine? It’s a good option as essential oils have antimicrobial properties that work against acne and other skin issues. Further, oils provide nourishment and make skin soft and smooth. But the main question is, which oils are the best to use on skin. Well, it is a good option! Made from the argan tree kernels that are found in Morocco, argan oil has numerous benefits. To date, we have mostly known how it is good for hair. But do you know that argan oil is also extremely good for your face?

If you are someone who wishes to have one solution to your haircare and skincare problems, you should have this magic product with you. It not only takes care of all your hair woes, but also ensures that your skin breathes easy and also looks soft and healthy. From reducing acne to providing intense moisturization and working against ageing, argan oil on the face has many benefits that you may not have been aware of.

Argan oil on face: The ultimate boost to your skincare routine

1. Why is using argan oil on the face a good option?

Argan oil strikes a balance when it comes to texture. It is neither too light nor too heavy and thus is good for the skin. It is known to absorb easily into the skin and a single application hardly requires more than two drops.

It is rich in two unsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acid and oleic acid. The former makes skin plump by increasing its moisture, while the latter penetrates the skin better and provides many benefits.

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