Galvanic SPA Beauty Device- Glowing Skin At Home
Galvanic SPA Beauty Device- Glowing Skin At Home

Pamper yourself with the spa-like experience of the Galvanic Spa Facial with the award-winning anti-aging device – and all in the comfort of home. With amazing benefits for your skin, those special me-time moments will never be the same.

At Home Galvanic Beauty Facial Device uses a safe and mild electric current (normally used by professional clinics and SPAs) to enhance the delivery of proprietary anti-aging ingredients for healthy and glowing skin.

This award-winning beauty device produces a painless electric current to help the active ingredients in recommended creams and gels penetrate the skin for that youthful look. Developed by a team of scientists and dermatologists, safety approved in clinical studies. FDA approved, no side effects.

Galvanic SPA anti-aging device is designed to be used by any skin type and works incredibly well for problematic and mature skin.

Clinical studies and clients’ / celebrity testimonials have shown benefits associated with:

  • cleansing, toning, and rejuvenating
  • it can smooth out wrinkles
  • improve acne/scarring
  • reduce the size of pores
  • improve the appearance of dark spots and eye bags
  • skin tightening for a fresh-looking appearance
  • healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin

What’s In The Galvanic SPA Skincare Kit?

Galvanic SPA anti-aging device must be used with our complimentary glowing skin and wrinkle corrector gels in order to target your skin concerns. This is because all scientific studies have been done on these innovative and patented products.

Used together with products such as our Galvanic Facial Gels and Tru Face Line Corrector, the Galvanic Spa targets the visible signs of skin aging at their source. Fine lines and wrinkles appear smoother, complexions are refreshed for a beautiful, youthful look.

Your Skincare Kit includes:

  • 1x Galvanic Spa beauty device for skin cleansing, tightening, and radiance
  • 1x Galvanic Facial Gels with anti-aging ingredients
  • 1x Moisture Mist (hydrating spray for face, body & hair )

*This Kit Includes 3 complimentary Attachments designed for the face, for hair volume& shine, body firming / cellulite. This multi-purpose at-home beauty device allows you to enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

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