Argan Oil for Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

The eyes are the window to our soul, and in the time of face masks, it is the only facial feature visible. Hence, a rising need to address under-eye dark circles and wrinkles.

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by either poor blood circulation or UV-induced melanin production. While wrinkles, aside from genes and muscle activity, occur because of a decrease in elasticity and hydration. And since the skin around the eyes is very thin, a minute change in any of these factors easily shows.

How does argan oil help?

It is coined as the “liquid gold”  for its numerous valuable benefits as a health supplement and cosmetic ingredient. These benefits stem from its abundant content of fatty acids, vitamin E, squalene, and antioxidants.

Argan Oil for Under Eye Dark Circles & Wrinkles

So when it comes to dark circles secondary to poor blood flow, there are theories that say that argan oil can improve blood circulation, in effect, reducing the “darkness” under your eyes.

They also claim that it can improve hydration and increase skin elasticity which helps lighten the appearance of melanin spots and smoothen fine lines caused by dryness.

Although these effects are evident, there are still no studies that support these claims. The only study available that shows a direct link between oil and skin elasticity made use of a combination therapy that includes both dietary argan and topical argan oil.

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Dr. Elli ReyesAbout the Author: Dr. Elli Reyes is a specialist of Aesthetic Medicine from the Philippines. With over four years of specialized training, her aesthetic practice has involved a variety of skin treatments involving Botox, fillers, and the like. As a licensed physician, she has been engaged by multiple clinics and is regularly interviewed by the local media as an expert in the science of the skin. Her research and writings to date have centered on nutrition, functional health, and general beauty.

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