All About Shaving Your Armpits
All About Shaving Your Armpits

Choosing to shave your underarms is really a personal decision. In most cases, there aren’t any medical benefits to shaving, but some people just prefer the smooth hair-free look or feel.

Disposable razors are the most popular and inexpensive way the majority of people shave, but there are other methods like:

  • waxing
  • electric razors
  • depilatories

Again, it’s a personal preference depending on your likes and budget. Here are some tips to safely shave underarm hair to prevent some of the most common problems with shaving like:

  • cuts
  • razor burns
  • skin irritation

How to shave your armpits

Just like brushing your teeth or flossing, shaving is a process. For best results, it’s important to know the right and wrong way to shave. Your technique and tools (razor) are key.

  1. Exfoliate your skin with a loofah or body scrubber to clean your armpits before shaving for a closer and cleaner shave. Sweat or deodorant can clog blades or cause infections from bacteria if you cut yourself shaving.
  2. Wet your skin before you start doing this because your underarm hair is sensitive, and moisture helps open pores and soften your skin. Try shaving in the shower. This will help soften your skin to avoid cuts or nicks.
  3. Pull your skin taut and shave using short varying strokes (upward, downward, sideways) to get the smoothest shave. Don’t go over the same area too many times to avoid irritating your skin or getting nicked. Go slowly to get the cleanest shave.
  4. Rinse the blade after each pass to clear it of shaving gel and hair. Don’t use your fingers to clear the blades.
  5. Dry the area and use a moisturizer like aloe vera after you shave to soothe your skin and avoid irritation.
  6. Don’t put deodorant on right away because it might burn or irritate your skin
  7. Clean and dry the blade after every use and store it in a dry location (not in the shower). Moisture can ruin blades and lead to infections if you cut yourself shaving.

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