5 Tips for Proper Hair Care: Hair Care day to day Routine
5 Tips for Proper Hair Care: Hair Care day to day Routine

Whether you’ve got a pixie cut or hair that reaches below your hips, proper hair care is a must if you want to keep it feeling strong and healthy. We often take for granted the little things we do during the day that can completely ruin it. Small changes in how we brush our curls or put them up can really make a difference so here are some tips to keep your hair happy.

Tips for Proper Hair Care

As we all know, our hair can be very fragile and thin. This is mainly because it is built of a simple protein called Keratin which can be easily diminished by heat, rough handling, and everyday hair products that contain lots of chemicals. This breakage can be prevented by making simple changes in your everyday routine such as:


The way you brush your hair is crucial for avoiding split ends and a brittle outer layer. Using a wide-tooth comb and a gentle pull is recommended and even though it may take a bit longer to de-tangle, the benefits are well worth the time. I always say that we should be brushing our hair as if it was spun from gold.


I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s no good to wash your hair often as it removes natural oils that are so important to keep our hair shiny and sturdy. The most you should be lathering, rinsing, and repeating is about twice a week. This will give the follicles time to build up sebum and a strong protective layer without letting your scalp get too dry or too oily. (Its also best to pat or air dry.)

Putting It Up

When I go to sleep I tend to put my hair in a bun on the very top of my head so that I do not crush it between my pillow and body weight as this causes a lot of breakage and weakening. Remember not to tie it too tight as this can also cause some damage by ripping out strands.

Trimming & Heat

A one-two inch trims every couple of months will keep the hair looking healthy and even aid in growth. If you are one to use dryers and strainers, cutting this out completely will give the most satisfactory results. Heat is the number one killer and must be minimized if you’re looking for a silky glow.


If you need to use heat, there are various ways to protect against all the trauma. Using oils before and after applying heat will lessen the effects and even aid in replenishing the protective layer. Proper Hair Care can be enhanced if you use oils such as argon or coconut on a daily basis. It will keep your tips moisturized and resilient to any harm the day may bring. Read more

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