9 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Nails
9 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

We all want strong, thick, beautiful nails. But simply going about our lives can become a minefield of potentially nail-damaging situations.

Here at Julep we’ve put a lot of thought, love, and science into helping you strengthen your nails with products like Take a Breather Oxygen Nail TreatmentMighty Nail & Cuticle Serum, and our Color That Treats Nail Polish. All these products let your nails breathe while infusing them with natural nail-strengthening ingredients.

But even with the help of powerful nail treatments, growing your healthiest nails ever starts with fine-tuning your everyday habits. Here are our top tips for strengthening nail and preventing nail damage—so you can better enjoy all your gorgeous manicures.

Limit water exposure.

Wear gloves when you wash dishes, and don’t soak nail in the bath or pool for too long. Keep your nail outside the water for most of your soak.

But drink lots (and lots) of water.

Hydration is key for beautiful skin, hair, and nail. Drink lots of water throughout the day, and you’ll feel and look better—all the way down to your hydrated cuticles and nail. A balanced diet that includes plenty of protein will also help improve nail health. Strengthen

Keep your nails on the shorter side.

If you’re having trouble with weak nails, consider cutting down the length while you build up their strength. Shorter nails are less prone to breaking because there are fewer exposed edges to tear and less surface area where water and chemicals can be absorbed. Just make sure to file down your nail in one direction. Don’t saw them back and forth as this can cause your nail to split and peel.

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Make cuticle oil or crème a part of your routine.If you don’t keep your nails and cuticles moisturized, common nail problems like hang nail and dry skin can snowball into bigger problems, like chronic cuticle picking and nail peeling. Instead of cutting your cuticles