7 Visible Signs of Stress on Your Skin, Hair and Nails (and What to Do About Them)
7 Visible Signs of Stress on Your Skin, Hair and Nails (and What to Do About Them)


Here are some ways your skin, hair and nails are impacted by stress—and, more importantly, what to do about it.

1. Excess Oil and Breakouts

Dealing with a client you just can’t seem to please? Or is your relationship heading south? Fender says these added worries and heightened anxiety pushes your sebum production to overflow, resulting in unwanted acne scattered across your T-zone. When you’re distraught, many have the tendency to touch their face or rub their eyes, resulting in even more oil and bacteria that can clog your pores and result in consistent breakouts.

What to do: Dermatologist Kavita Mariwalla, MD, FAAD recommends that using a soothing serum or clarifying face mask will force you to have quiet time a few times a week to clear your head, while soothing your skin.

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2. Deeper Lines and Wrinkles

It’s not only pimples that rear their head when your social and work calendars are overflowing, but wrinkles begin to deepen, too. After all, the concept of “aging overnight” after hearing difficult news isn’t just a saying but a warning. As Fender explains, excess cortisol can cause premature aging, breaking down the healthy collagen that gives our skin its structural integrity and elasticity. Aside from making you look older, the harsher lines on your face can also make you look sad, depressed or angry.

What to do: When you’re beat, it’s that much more important to follow your anti-aging skin regimen, even when you lack the energy to follow the step-by-step process, according to dermatologist and beauty expert Dr. Anna Guanche. If you’re having a night when you “just can’t” with a serum and a mask and the whole shebang, she insists on at least washing your face and applying your go-to anti-aging moisturizer with a heavy hand, including your neck and your décolletage areas, too.

While skin care products can sometimes treat and mask symptoms, Dr. Guanche says it’s also important to exercise stress-management techniques that get to the crux of your angst. Some of her recommendations include practicing yoga and meditation, going for a walk, talking with friends or even spending some QT with your pup. The bottom line, she says, is to find your own personal happy place—and soak it in.

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3. Dark Circles

When you’re having trouble pushing through even the easiest of tasks, you might find yourself daydreaming about your bed, where you can finally decompress. But when bedtime rolls around, you suddenly remember every lingering item on your to-do list and can’t catch shut-eye, no matter how hard you try. Over many nights, this results in tired, dark circles that reveal your sleepless night and for some, signs of aging, according to Dr. Guanche.

What to do: Though the quickest way to destress your eyes is via fillers, a less dramatic way to approach those pesky pigmented areas is with a solid concealer. Though it won’t decrease your anxiety, it will give you more confidence to tackle your day since they won’t shine through when you look in the mirror. For a heavy-duty buy, try Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector.

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