7 Skincare Devices We're Now Obsessed With Thanks To Jessica Alba
7 Skincare Devices We're Now Obsessed With Thanks To Jessica Alba

OVER THE LAST YEAR, we’ve been separated almost entirely from our favorite beauty pros. Many facialists, like L.A. skincare guru, Shani Darden showed up for us via incredible skincare tutorials on social media.

In a fun Instagram series with devoted client, Jessica Alba, Darden reintroduced us to the facial steamer. And later in the year, Alba herself demo’ed this weird circulation-boosting gun below for Vogue.

While low-tech tools like jade rollers and gua shas can work wonders on their own, adding a few skincare gadgets can go a long way and get us closer to the results we’re so longing to re-gain after a treatment-free year!  Here are seven of the tools and tech we’ve learned to love most…

STEAM: VANITY PLANET AIRA IONIC FACIAL STEAMER Walk into almost any A-list spa in the world and you’ll be treated to a cleanser followed by steam. A steam treatment is one of the most common components of a good in-office facial for opening up pores, hydrating the skin and preparing the skin for all the serums and masks to come.


At-home facial steamers went out of style for a minute because they can be so tough to keep clean. Using a steaming device that’s not cleaned regularly can have a majorly detrimental effect on your skin health. But, if you’re vigilant about taking good care of an at-home steaming device, a unit like this Aira Ionic Facial Steamer can be absolutely transformative for your skin.

This ionic steamer is facialist, Shani Darden’s top pick for at-home facials. Watch her in-depth tutorial with Jessica Alba and get inspired.

MICROCURRENT: ZIIP DEVICE The ZIIP is our preferred at-home nano and microcurrent device for it’s sleek look, easy to use shape and potent results.


For ultimate results, we prefer regular microcurrent treatments in office with professional level tools, but — since that’s rarely been an option over the last year — we’ve been amping up our use of the ZIIP at home for lifting, depuffing and tightening effects that can be seen right away.

As Hollywood facialist, Joanna Vargas once told us, at-home microcurrent can be great, but require so much personal discipline to stick with that she doesn’t always recommend them. To each their own; if you’re the disciplined type and want to avoid the cost and time of spa treatments, this device is our top pick as it also uses nano currents!

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