Home Microcurrent Devices: Are They Worth The Investment?
Home Microcurrent Devices: Are They Worth The Investment?

Microcurrent is a trendy technology that uses a low current to imitate the body’s natural bioelectrical activity. With this stimulation, the skin and muscle cells will react, leading to an improvement in the target areas. 

microcurrent device

Although it was initially used for pain management and injuries, this therapy is also applied for anti-aging facial treatments. It increases blood flow which helps in the exchange of oxygen, antioxidants, and other nutrients to the cells. 

To perform this treatment, there are some portable devices available such as the Nuface Trinity. This award-Winning Microcurrent Facial Toning Device promises that with a daily 5-minute facial-lift, it is possible to tone, lift, and contour the facial muscles while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It includes a hydrating leave-on gel activator to ensure that the micro current is conducted down to the facial muscle and guarantees effectiveness.

Another option is the ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device which uses nano current technology combined with micro current and direct current. The potential effects are the stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as increased circulation, tissue repairs, and reduced acne. It has a special app that presents nine different routines with the device and addresses specific skin concerns, personalizing the treatment. A unique Golden Conductive Gel is also included to be used in conjunction.


In conclusion, the use of microcurrent devices is an easy and portable way to obtain effective and long-term anti-aging facials that will provide visible results if used regularly. This happens due to an improvement in blood flow which leads to radiant and glowing skin for users. 

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Maísa Melo, MSci

About the Author: MSci Maísa Melo is a Pharmacist and a current PhD student in cosmetic technology, from São Paulo, Brazil. She has earned her master’s degree from the University of São Paulo and has been involved with the development, stability, safety and efficacy of cosmetics since 2013. She has specialized in the clinical efficacy of cosmetics by biophysical and skin imaging techniques as well as the use of alternative models to animal testing. Her research work has been published in several scientific journals and book chapters from the field.