What to Know About Bell Health App
What to Know About Bell Health App

Bell Health app is a Popular Health and Wellness monitoring app. It records and provides insights on daily activities like Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Walking, Exercises, Calories, Water Consumption etc., to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Once registered, the user can set and monitor health related goals, track physical activities, including using a pedometer integrated with the app, measure and monitor Vitals, track intake of prescribed medications. Built in Chat functionality, notifications and send reminders on medications and activities to perform.

The App helps the user to share their health information and status with their loved ones wherever they are located. All the health and wellness information of a primary user will be readily available for the relative or friend for tracking and monitoring purpose.


• Create basic profile with height, weight, age etc..

Exercise Tracker
• Feature to calculate calories burnt for an activity
• Log your exercise with duration and the app calculates calories burnt
• A graph to view your total calories burnt for every exercise session
• Cumulative calorie counter tool

Health Calculators
Body Mass Index, Energy Expenditure, Blood Pressure, Ideal weight, Body Fat, Cost calculator
• Ideal weight, Body Fat, maximum heart rate, body water calculators
Sleep monitoring

• Records your walking step counts, distance and calories
• Built-In Real time Pedometer as well as manual logging of steps
• Daily walking statistics and Graph
• Calories, walking speed, Distance are calculated in real time

Weight loss Tracker
• Feature to log your current weight periodically and track your progress
• Daily weight loss or weight gain statistics and graph
Weight loss graph is also available in main dashboard for easy tracking

Water Consumption Tracker
• Facility to add your daily water consumption
• Progress viewer to check if you have consumed minimum water required for the day
• Upcoming feature to set reminder for drinking water time to time

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