What Does Toner Do? | All About Face Toners And Astringent
What Does Toner Do? | All About Face Toners And Astringent

Face Toners: Too many of us might have decided to kick toner out of our beauty routines when we left our teens behind. After all, what does toner do for the face aside from drying up pimples? As it turns out, that old-fashioned view of toner can be harming your complexion. Toner can actually be the missing ingredient in your skincare regimen.

Toner’s Many Benefits

Most toners are liquid-based. They provide deeper cleaning and makeup removal than cleansing alone provides. In addition, astringent toner ingredients like witch hazel or alcohol help make pores look smaller by providing a tissue-tightening effect and cleaning out surrounding dirt and old skin cells.

Face Toners: Of course, deep cleansing and pore-tightening have been the principal benefits of toners for decades. But the new generation of toners can deliver additional benefits.

Toners vs. Astringents: What’s the Difference?

All astringents are toners, but not all toners are astringents. Still confused? That’s fair, given the glut of products on the market. What’s important to remember is that astringents are a type of face toner with the highest amount of alcohol.

The Right Toner for the Right Skin Type

Gone are the days when all toners were alcohol-packed astringents that stripped skin of its protective oils. These days, even the types blended for acne-prone complexions temper their oil-controlling ingredients with other beneficial compounds.

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