Vibrating Massage Therapy Ball
Vibrating Massage Therapy Ball

With many gyms closed due to the public health concerns, at-home workouts have become a part of the “new normal” lifestyle. With Hyperice’s Hypersphere, you can target sore muscles after your exercise thanks to the device’s high-intensity vibration. The device also helps with improving flexibility, grip strength and circulation.

When your back starts aching or your muscles are sore, a good massage can be a simple solution to provide some relief. If you don’t always have time to see a masseuse, a vibrating massage ball allows you to feel some massage action in the privacy of your own home, whenever you have a spare moment.

You simply roll the ball over the body part you want to target and allow the vibrations and your body weight to loosen the muscles and soothe pressure points for pain relief. Even if you’re not feeling any muscle aches or pains, a vibrating massage ball is a perfect way to relax after a long day.

Give our buying guide a look to learn everything you need to choose the best vibrating massage ball for your home. We’ve even included a few specific product recommendations, including our top pick from Tratac, which can run for at least three hours and offers three levels of vibration.

Considerations when choosing vibrating massage balls


Most vibrating massage balls are fairly compact, so you can take them on the go. But there is some variation in terms of size, which allows you to choose a ball that’s appropriate for the particular body part(s) you treat most often:

Small vibrating massage balls are usually effective for your hands, feet, or forearms.

Medium vibrating massage balls are ideal for the calves, glutes, deltoids, and neck.

Large vibrating massage balls are suitable for the back, chest, and shoulders.


Vibrating massage balls can vary in terms of how firm they are. More delicate areas of the body like your neck and hands usually call for a softer massage ball. For areas like the back and shoulders, though, you’ll usually prefer a firmer ball.

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