Ultimate Ear Hair Removal Guide 2021: Best Methods & Techniques
Ultimate Ear Hair Removal Guide 2021: Best Methods & Techniques

Ear hair makes you look weird and out of place. For most men across the world, hair removal is a BIG DEAL. There are quite a number of ear hair removal methods and tools out there.

Laser ear hair removal is great but quite expensive, using scissors may be the cheapest but can be dangerous, and electrolysis can be awesome.

So, read which tool and method of removing ear hair would fit your schedule, be nice to your wallet, and is also safe for your general health.

1. Know Your Type Of Ear Hair

Not everyone possesses the same kind of ear hair. Ear-hair can be grouped into two broad categories:

The outer ear hair

Those hair strands you can see with a mirror or feel along your ear edges which, in some cases, could be thicker than the ones in the inner part of the canal.

The inner ear hair

This is the gentle and smoother variant you feel a bit deeper into the ear canal. This is where ear wax comes into play.

2. Time Required/Frequency

For the majority, the best hair removal method is the one that requires less than 10 minutes in a month. If you fall into this category, try sticking to permanent solutions like lasers and electrolysis.

3. Level of Pain and Discomfort Involved

Because using lasers or electrolysis to kill the follicles at the root is a one-time activity, bearing the discomfort is no big deal.

Note that some tools like scissors, hair wax, and electronic hair trimming contraptions may result in some level of pain and discomfort especially if you have soft skin.

Tools and Methods for Ear Hair Removal

1. Electronic Ear Hair Trimmers

For guys who are always on the move and have no time for a spa or a dermatologist’s chair offer, electric trimmers are the best option. Although there would be a need to do it all over again in a few weeks, the tickling and smooth serenade it offers your ears are more than enough reasons to go that route repeatedly.

2. Electrolysis

Big name for a simple procedure!

With a tiny needle inserted at the base of each hair follicle which is then charged with small electrical pulses, no strand or sprout of hair can survive. This method may take some of your time, but it’s worth it.

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