Uaike High Frequency Facial Machine
Uaike High Frequency Facial Machine
  • Professional Facial Machine:
  • As the age continues to increase, the loss of collagen causes the skin to relax and darken, accelerating the appearance of wrinkles. Uaike beauty device uses its waves to penetrate the skin directly, heating the collagen in the dermis to achieve a variety of cosmetic effects. Based on 18 years of research and extensive clinical research experience from Uaike.It has been certified to be safe and effective.And it is welcomed and recognized by users all over the world.
  • Achieve Multiple Cosmetic Effects And 3 Different Energy Levels:
  • Uaike high frequency facial machine helps to remove wrinkles, lift and tighten, bright skin, improve contour, shrink pore, and fade black spots.It has three adjustable levels to select from a low, medium and high(1,2,3).The higher the level,the hotter the temperature.We recommend starting off with the lowest first.When your skin get used to it,you can select the higher level.Safe and effective!
  • Whole Body Beauty Treatment And Convenient Preset Timer:
  • Compared with other skin care beauty device, Uaike offers two probes, small one for the face and larger for the body, which you can treat the whole body.It has 3 different preset times: 10, 20 and 30 minutes to select a treatment length of time.And the convenient timer can remind you the rest of treatment time,that is very convenient!
  • Visible Result:
  • Data from Uaike’s 15 years of experience. A few people noticed an obvious effect in just 3 weeks. Most people noticed an obvious effect in 6 weeks. Even someone saw a noticeable difference after even just a single use of using this anti aging skin tightening machine. Please do not use it everyday,just use it twice a week.Because our skin takes time to repair collagen production. If we break this circle, we may not get any results. Read more…

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