The Best Medical Apps For Professionals And Patients
The Best Medical Apps For Professionals And Patients

If you are a doctor or work in the healthcare field, there are now some smartphone apps to help in the routine and facilitate some processes. Furthermore, some of these medical apps can even be used by patients interested in the area as they are a reliable source of knowledge.

One good example is the Medscape app. It is versatile medical reference software that allows physicians to stay up-to-date in health science. It offers news, drug information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education opportunities. In general, it can be defined as a wide range of clinical information all in one place to help them make point-of-care decisions.

The Best Medical Apps For Professionals And PatientsLexicomp is a clinical reference app that provides access to a wide range of medical knowledge. The app references a library of information regarding infectious diseases, oral diseases, and toxicology. It is also possible to obtain information regarding prescription medications and drug interactions, as well as medical dictionaries and calculators, being a convenient tool.

Omnio is a highlight due to its power to retrieve and customize information, being a central location for most essential resources. It includes the Merck Manual, access information from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the American Diabetes Association, and more, space to check symptoms, identify pills, look up prescription medications, determine drug dosing, check drug interactions, and use medical calculators. 

The Best Medical Apps For Professionals And Patients

Finally, there is the Visual DX app, a library of more than 32,000 digital images showing variations of diseases. It is beneficial when diagnosing a rare condition and ensures accuracy as the images represent patients of different ages, skin types, and other diagnostics. The app crosses multiple specialties, including dermatology, pathology, radiology, emergency medicine, oral medicine, infectious disease, and ophthalmology. 

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