Tanned Skin?? Try These Quick And Easy Tan Removal Face Packs Now
Tanned Skin?? Try These Quick And Easy Tan Removal Face Packs Now

Tanned or dark skin due to sun exposure is one of the horrible nightmares for some people. During summers we confront too much sun and heat which damages the outer layer of our skin, making it dark and uneven.

Why Skin Gets Tanned?

In this busy world, we cannot minimize our outings and exposure to sun and pollution. This continuous exposure makes our skin to produce melanin, a compound which protects the skin from the harsh sun. This melanin sits below the epidermis, making it look dark.

Natural Coffee Face Packs To Remove Tan Completely At Home:

To prepare coffee tan removal face pack, you either use grinded coffee beans or instant coffee powder.

In my opinion, freshly ground coffee beans work better than instant coffee powder, but you should use whatever you have.

1. Coffee Powder Tan Removal Face Pack

Yes, you read it right. Coffee which we used as a beverage is highly beneficial in the removal of the suntan. Coffee contains caffeine that is highly anti-inflammatory in nature.

Ingredients Required:

Coffee Powder


Lemon Juice


Take a full tablespoon of Coffee powder in a bowl.

Now add 1 tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon to it.

Mix this mixture well to form a paste.

Apply this face pack to your face and neck and leave it there for around 15-20 minutes.

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