Soundtastic Aria Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aid
Soundtastic Aria Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aid

First of all, the Soundtastic Aria hearing amplifier has an amazing name. Like its little brother, the Soundtastic Swan, the name gives a great first impression. And there’s more to sustain that first impression: it looks sleek, is (partially) made in America, and features a Bluetooth connection that allows you to adjust how your hearing amplifier sounds.

DID YOU KNOW? People with hearing loss are five times more likely to develop dementia and other cognitive disorders? It is critical that everyone takes their hearing health seriously.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR DEVICE: The Aria device is Bluetooth enabled. Which means, you can customize the Aria device to your hearing environment using Soundtastic’s own “Aria Connect” phone app – available on iPhone and Android!

SAVE THOUSANDS: Why spend over $2,000 to just hear better? Designed by a NASA Engineer and Audiologist, the Soundtastic device amplifier enhances speech through its specially developed digital sound processing, adaptive feedback and noise reduction technologies.

MINIATURE IN SIZE: Designed to be almost invisible. Ergonomically styled to sit comfortably and gently on your ear. No one will even notice you’re wearing a Soundtastic hearing device! Rejoin the conversation with a touch of a button and reconnect with the world around you.

BE SATISFIED: The final assembly of our devices takes place here, in the USA! Read more…

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