SONIC FACIAL CLEANSING our device is a large sonic brush made from medical grade silicone. It is non-porous which helps resist bacteria buildup, making our product 35x more hygienic than any other cleansing brush.

Guaranteed softer and fresher feeling skin after your first use! Also great for reducing and fighting acne, improving the texture of your skin and stimulating collagen production!

Leaves you feeling amazing by massaging your skin, exfoliating and removing dirt in your pores. It also stimulate collagen and elastin production making you feel rejuvenated.


After makeup-removal, wet your face and the device. Apply appropiate facial cleansing foam or cream on the face or the device.


Choose the suitable speed and make the device circularly on your face to get abundant foam. Switch the speed level as you like to


Wash the clean water and dry your face, apply skin care products according to your needs. Feel rejuvinated!

Our Facial Cleansing Device Leaves You Feeling Amazing By Massaging Your Skin, Exfoliating And Removing Dirt In Your Pores. It also stimulate collagen and elastin    production Making You Feel Rejuvenated.
We Spent Time And Research To Develop A Premium Facial Clean Device That Guarantee Results And Give You The Look And Feel You Always Wanted!

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