This is the companion app for the Sleepio program. If you don’t already have a Sleepio account, please create it by taking the sleep test at (UK) or (worldwide).

Sleepio is designed to teach you how to overcome even long term poor sleep without pills or potions. Download the companion app for instant access to your daily sleep diary and schedule, and your virtual sleep expert, The Prof.

Created by world sleep expert, Professor Colin Espie (University of Oxford), the program featured in the app was shown to help long-term poor sleepers on average:

– Fall asleep up to 50% faster

– Reduce time awake at night by up to 60%

– Boost daytime energy by up to 50%


– Sleep improvement program using evidence-based cognitive and behavioral skills.

A personalized program of proven cognitive and behavioral techniques, designed by world sleep expert Prof Colin Espie (University of Oxford) and delivered by your own virtual sleep expert, The Prof. Over six tailored sessions, The Prof will teach you a range of cognitive and behavioral techniques, designed to get your sleep schedule, thoughts, and lifestyle into shape.

– Connect your Health app to import sleep data automatically

Import your tracked sleep data from your Health app to automatically personalize the program to you, and make using the app even easier. If you choose not to connect, you’ll still be able to track your sleep data by filling out a short form in the mornings.

– Help Me Now

Instant, bite-sized help from The Prof. Whether you’re finding it hard to fall asleep, or having a tough morning, The Prof is there to help you get back on track.

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