Snore Stopping Mask
Snore Stopping Mask

Snore Stopping Mask

For you – it can restrict and decrease oxygen during sleep. This will prevent you from feeling rested in the morning and can lead to chronic fatigue.

Long term – with chronic oxygen restriction it can lead to heart disease and heart failure

  1. For a partner – it is annoying and bothersome, robbing them to a restful night sleep, Snore Stopping Mask.

While there are many anti-snoring options on the market:

  1. Mouthpieces – hurt the teeth, increase pressure on the jaw, can change bite over time and lead to TMJ
  2. C-Pap – Positive airway pressure machine is expensive, take getting use to and will bother others in the room
  3. Nasal strips – Ineffective especially if nasal passage isn’t the problem


  • Smart Recognition Technology – With the advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, Snore Eye Mask can precisely identify snoring sound and then deliver gentle tiny vibration to stop snoring with non-perceived physical intervention, helps you solve snore problem with smart technology.
  • Personalized Function – The Anti-Snoring Device has 36 levels physical intervention (automatic or controlled), no matter a slight snorer or a severe noise maker will find this helpful. You can adjust the intensity and sensitivity of physical intervention by the cellphone App, or activate the snore-stopping delay function (It works after you fall asleep) to personalize the product. Eye mask design allows you to put on and take off easily.
  • Super Light and Comfortable – It is only 38g so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Snore Circle Eye Mask is made of ecological soft high-density sponge for the best comfort and fit so you can sleep comfortably and snore-free.
  • Phone Control and Intelligent Analysis – The Anti Snoring Device can be connected to your cell phone with Bluetooth technology, you can control the device and set up or adjust working modes on your phone with special App.

You will detect a vibration noise that gently wakes you to stop snoring. You may need up to 2 weeks to get adapted to the sensation. Please note that it can’t stop snoring immediately. However, consistent use nightly for 3-4 weeks and you will empirically find that snoring is decreasing as indicated on the accompanied App.

In addition, the sleep mask blocks out any trickle through light, including blue light from a phone or tablet – ensure a better night sleep.

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