PulseNmore At-Home Tele-Ultrasound for Pregnant Women
PulseNmore At-Home Tele-Ultrasound for Pregnant Women

During these trying COVID days, patients have been limited in the care they receive because clinics have been limiting access and because patients themselves have been wary of visiting medical facilities. Pregnant women are a particularly vulnerable group and require frequent office visits, including receiving ultrasound exams.

A new device has just been unveiled by PulseNmore, an Israeli firm, that allows patients to perform ultrasound exams themselves and share the results immediately with their sonographers or physicians.

The device is a dock for a smartphone, the bottom being the ultrasound transducer. An app on the smartphone provides training and guidance to the patient so that a scan is performed to achieve high-quality results. Captured images are then shared with the patient’s clinical team and those can be used to guide further decisions.

The people behind PulseNmore hope that the new tele-ultrasound will help clinicians to provide optimal care for their patients while reducing the chance of viral transmission. Israel’s largest HMO, Clalit Health Services, which has over 4 million members, has signed a contract to provide tens of thousands of PulseNmore devices to pregnant women under its management. Read more…

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