invasive procedures for chronic nasal airway conditions
Minimally invasive procedures for chronic nasal airway conditions

Founded by medtech serial entrepreneur Scott Wolf, Aerin Medical provides ENT physicians with tissue-sparing solutions for the treatment of nasal airway conditions to improve quality of life in patients. A physician can use the company’s proprietary technology to apply temperature-controlled energy to a specific area of tissue inside the nose in order to resolve a person’s nasal problem without surgery.

“Otolaryngologists use Aerin’s platform technology to treat their patients suffering from nasal airway obstruction and chronic rhinitis — massive and debilitating conditions that affect tens of millions in the US annually,” Aerin CEO Matt Brokaw told MDO. “We’re gratified to be working with the physician specialty to advance the future of office-based options for patients, and to be supporting near-term interest in procedures that minimize aerosolized virus risk for clinical teams.” Read more

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