Plabeau G4+: A Cold Plasma treatment to Improve your Skincare Routine
Plabeau G4+: A Cold Plasma treatment to Improve your Skincare Routine

Plabio PlaBeau G4+, cold plasma treatment, is my most expensive beauty gadget to date. I’ve bought small skin gadgets in the past, from battery-operated cleansing brushes to skin wands. So anyway, the Plabio PlaBeau G4+ is a plasma-based wand you run across your face as part of your skincare routine. This is my second gadget from Plabio, the first one is the Plabio PlaMedi.

It’s a whopping P17,920 and boy doesn’t it look like it? I got it in Gold but it also comes in Black and Rose Gold. The Plabio PlaBeau G4+ comes with an adapter and cable as well as a black pouch you can store it in. When it’s on, there are blue lights that turn on in front.

The device is very simple to operate. There’s a power switch with 2 intensity levels, 1 and 2. When you’re starting out, it’s suggested that you use level 1 until your skin gets used to it.

This white strip here is what you’ll run across your skin. You’ll actually see a bluish light when you touch it. I see and hear sparks when it passes over my face. There’s a prickly tingly sensation but that’s normal.

Benefits of Plabeau G4+

So what does this product actually do? It actually promises 3 things:

  • Skin Purification- It removes sebum and debris from the face, purifying it from bacteria, fungus, and viruses. I can attest to this because my combination skin feels dry and thirsty after using the Plabeau. There was a time I had a pimple that had not yet erupted, I used Plabeau on it and it disappeared without causing a breakout.So yes, if you have oily skin, this will definitely help control the oil. If you’re acne-prone, this can effectively prevent and treat breakouts as well.

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