Mini invisible Digital Hearing Aid For The Elderly
Mini invisible Digital Hearing Aid For The Elderly
  • Super mini size with pulling line: The machine size is 0.66*0.55 inch, it can hide well in your ear. Pulling line can help you take machine out. Hearing amplifier belongs to electronic product,it is normal if you hear noise. Please be patient to adapter to it. First week: Wearing in quiet enviroment. If you can’t hear any sound, please don’t give up. Second week: Try to go to park. Third week: Go to public,but remember please don’t stay too long. Fourth week: Try to go to further place.
  • 100H-125H battery working time: 2PCS Zinc battery A10 imported from UK, long using time.6pcs ear tips(6 size) prepared,please choose the right size according your ear canal,otherwise, you will hear much noise. 1pcs cleaning brush, you can change volume throught it easily.Also, you can use it to pick up battery. 1pcs English manual book.Silica gel packing box avoid damage during shipment. Gift packing box is good to send to family and friends.
  • For left ear, slight/moderate hearing loss: Some buyers said they hear noise when wearing. It can reduce by right operation. There are 6 size ear tips in the package. Make sure ear tip tights with your ear. Another solution is turn down the hearing volume as possible. Setting to 1-2 volume at first time wearing. If can’t hear clearly, turn up volume slowly.Please wearing 8H/day , you will feel comfortable after 2-4 weeks. When you wear in your ear, please block the microphone by your hand.
  • For kids/adults.You can use cleaning brush to change volume. It is much convenient for old people to use. 1.Connect ear tips with machine, please make sure ear tips is really tight with ear canal.2.Insert battery A10 in right position.3.Turn volume from level 1-2, after adapter to it, you can turn to high volume slowly. Because this machine is small, so the working voice is not loudly as pocket type hearing amplifier .4.Please open battery comparment to reduce battery cost.
  • 2 year warranty: Please contact us if you have problems. You can use brush to clean arround ear canal, volume control buttom, battery compartment or other tiny thing. Gently wipe the hearing aid with a soft cloth. Please don’t use solvents, cleaning fluids, or oils to clean your hearing aids. Remember to turn off when no use, otherwise a buzzing sound will be generated, which may cause cause unnecessary loss.   Read More..

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