Milk Bath, the Centuries-Old Beauty Ritual for Gorgeous Skin
Milk Bath, the Centuries-Old Beauty Ritual for Gorgeous Skin

We have all heard that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was known for her beauty across various kingdoms. Her beauty rituals were said to have been an elaborate affair with exotic scrubs, face packs, hair masks and what not, and one of the most famous rituals from the lot being the milk bath. Having a milk bath can be one of the most wonderful, invigorating, sensuous and rejuvenating experiences of your life. Not only does it make you feel good with all the pampering, but nourish and detan your skin, leaving you feeling feather soft and silky all over.

What You Need to Equip Yourself With

5 litres full cream milk
100 gm rose petals or mogra flowers
10ml essential oil of rose/sandalwood/lavender
A good quality sea salt scrub
Almond oil
Some bubble bath, preferably a herbal one
A back brush or loofah
2 large bath towels
Some aromatic candles
Soothing music
Maybe a glass of wine or champagne

How to Go About

1. First things first; switch off your phone and keep it far away. Trust me, you don’t want any distraction.

2. Now run your hot water in a tub and add warm milk to it. Then add the bubble bath, essential oil of your choice and the flower petals.

3. Clean your face with almond oil and massage your face gently. Once you are in your steamy tub, this will soak into the skin and give it a natural shine.

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