LED Hand-care and Nail hardening device is the device for curing of LED Gel Nail products and can cure nails and toenails to care of your hands foot skin. The device is composed Hand-pad and bactericidal function for cleanliness of users,3steps time set-up, Auto function, and selection function to chooses Nail hardening and Skin Care.

The main characteristic is:

– Patented LED Gel hardener which has skin care function.
– 3steps time set-up(30/60/120sec)
– Hand-Anti-Aging of collagen production function (RED & near-infrared ray LED)
– Hand-pad and bactericidal function for cleanliness of users

* features

– Products have hand skin aging prevention and improvement (hand care function) and nail gel curing function.

A. Key features and features
– Using LED-specific wavelength (RED 630nm, near-infrared 850nm) for Handanti-aging
– Apply UV-LED (395 nm) with Nail gel curing.
– Application of the sterilization function (UV-LED 278nm) considering the user’s hygiene
– User convenience is considered through the automatic sensing sensor function and the three-stage time selection function.
– Display window showing operation time and remaining time

B. Product use and need
– Hand Skin aging prevention and improvement effect (hand care function)
“Light sources approved for medical use by the FDA in the U.S.”
Inflammation oil and skin regeneration with 630 nm and 850 nm verified by NASA in the United States;Improve UV resistance.
*Electronic Communication Trend Analysis Unit 25 No.5/ LED therapy unit for skin diseases
– Nail gel curing function (UV-LED applied)

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