K Health | Telehealth
K Health | Telehealth

K Health provides digital primary care for less. We use smart technology to bring you quality medical care at a fraction of the price.

The internet doesn’t understand who you are or your medical history, and seeing a doctor can be expensive and inconvenient. But with K Health, you get smart health information for free and can chat with an expert doctor in minutes, all for less than a copay. Turn to K Health anytime you don’t feel well to understand your symptoms, chat with a doctor, get a prescription, or manage any other primary healthcare need you may have.

Worried about Coronavirus? Use K’s free screening assessment to understand any symptoms you may be experiencing and connect with a doctor free of charge.


First, understand what’s most likely wrong for free. Chat with K to learn how doctors diagnosed and treated thousands of people like you with similar symptoms. Rather than worrying and waiting, get immediate answers you can trust.

Next, chat with an expert doctor to discuss treatment options (no insurance needed). They’ll review your case, advise the best treatment plan, and prescribe medication or lab tests if necessary.

Come back to K Health as your symptoms evolve, or when you have new questions in the future. Your medical history will be saved in one easy to review place and you can get continuous care over time from great doctors. Read more…

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