IPL Laser Hair Removal Device
IPL Laser Hair Removal Device

EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION: The IPL Hair Removal Device uses intense pulsed light (with 475to 1200nm wavelength) to disrupt the hair follicle growth cycle resulting in smooth skin hair-free.
SKIN TONE SENSOR FOR EXTRA SAFETY: Skin tone varies from person to person and even across different parts of the body. The skin tone sensor analyses the skin and only flashes if the skin tone is right for the chosen light intensity level.
PROVIDES FIVE ADJUSTABLE LIGHT INTENSITY LEVELS: Different skin tones and hair color require the use of different intensity levels for safe use. This hair removal system features five light intensity levels to fit different skin tones and treatment needs.
PROVIDES 300,000 FLASHES: This device can emit up to 300,000 flashes ensuring long service time.
SAFE AND EASY TO USE AT-HOME(FDA Cleared): This device is the perfect solution for permanent hair reduction at-home. The flash is safe on the skin, and the skin tone sensor only allows the device to flash the light if the skin tone is suitable for the chosen intensity level.


Step 1: Pre-shave the area to be treated. Make sure the skin is completely dry and free of any oily substance.

Step 2: Connect the adapter to a power source.

Step 3: Select the appropriate light intensity level for your skin tone and hair color.

Step 4: Lightly press the head against your skin, when the READY sign turns green, press the flash button to release the light.

Step 5: Treat different body areas according to your needs.


Input: 12V/3A
Power: 36W
Device Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.8 x 7.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Package Includes:
1 * Main Device
1 * Power Adapter
2 * Protective Goggles
1 * Instruction Manual


  1. How does TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal Device work?

IPL energy targets melanin in the hair follicle disrupting hair growth cycle. This technology permanently reduces hair growth.

  1. Can this device remove permanently all my hair? 

IPL technology or laser cannot remove completely hair from the body. Not to mention that many variables can change the result from person to person, such as hair color, skin tone, intensity level, and frequency of use. However, if used consistently, TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal Device will permanently reduce hair growth.

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