The HOLLYWOOD SMOOTHER is an innovative 2-in-1 hair removal and exfoliation/ dermaplaning beauty device. Using sonic technology, the tool is able to safely and effectively remove the top layer of dead dull skin and peach fuzz, revealing smooth, bright radiant looking skin. Your bare skin will go from ‘dull to glow’ in a matter of minutes, as light will now be able to bounce off the skin rather than be absorbed by the hair on the skin

After just one use, skin is noticeably smoother, brighter and softer. The many benefits of dermaplaning with the HOLLYWOOD SMOOTHER include: 
  • better penetration of skincare so your products will be more effective
  • a flawless makeup application as your makeup will sit on smooth skin rather than on the hairs and dead skin cells on your face
  • bare skin (with no makeup on) will appear to have a glow since light will now bounce off the skin rather than be absorbed by the hair on the skin

No need to worry about harsh or heavy regrowth as the hair that you remove will grow back exactly the same as it was before – no thicker, darker or coarser.

Why be dull when you can glow? Get professional dermaplaning results in the comfort of your own home with



The HOLLYWOOD SMOOTHER uses sonic technology consisting of 8000 RPMs to enhance the complexion by safely and effectively removing the top layer of dead dull skin, peach fuzz and built up debris leading to fresh, bright smooth, radiant looking skin.

After sonic dermaplaning, makeup will have a flawless finish as it is no longer sitting on an uneven surface of dead skin cells and peach fuzz. Skincare products will penetrate better as the barrier of hair and dead skin cells has been removed. The vibrating edge also prevents there from being friction between the blade and the skin, which allows the user to experience a comfortable treatment.


  • Flawless Makeup Application – By removing the hair and dead skin cells on the face, you are creating a smooth canvas so that makeup can sit flawlessly on the skin.
  • Better Skincare Penetration – Skincare penetrates better and is therefore more effective as it is no longer being blocked by a barrier of hair, dead skin cells and built up debris.
  • Less Breakouts – Hair on the face can trap dirt and bacteria. Thus, removing it reduces break outs.
  • Increases Cell Turnover – As people age, their cell turnover slows down. By using the SMOOTHER, they increase the cell turnover, which leads to diminishment of fine lines and healthier looking skin.
  • Evens Out Skin Tone – By removing the dead skin cells, the SMOOTHER evens out the skin by removing dry patches.

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