Hair Washing Hacks For Healthier Hair
Hair Washing Hacks For Healthier Hair

There’s a lot of hype about hair care, hair treatments, and hacks for growing your hair…

Yet one simple task that often gets overlooked is how you wash hair.

The truth is, most people are washing their hair wrong.

We get into bad habits growing up, and by the time we’re adults, washing our hair is as automatic as driving a car.

You’d never stop one day to reassess if you’ve been driving correctly your whole life, right? Well, apart from parallel parking ?

So why would you stop to consider if you’ve been washing your hair correctly?

According to hairstylist Brad Mondo, how you wash your hair can either help or disadvantage your hair care routine.

On his YouTube channel, Brad shares his best hair washing hacks and debunks the common hair washing myths among his clients.

How to correctly wash your hair

Below are some of the frequently asked hair washing questions. The answers may surprise you!

What water temperature is best for washing my hair?

Answer: Lukewarm.

There is some talk about washing your hair with cold water to make your hair look shinier…

It’s a myth.

Lukewarm water is the ideal temperature to wash your hair.

It opens up the hair follicles more than cold water, allowing the hair and scalp to release dirt and be fully cleansed.

Whereas at a cold temperature, water can’t break up the dirt and oils as effectively.

And at a super hot temperature, water will weaken the hair while you’re scrubbing and cause breakage.

It can also boil the hair and scalp making hair frizzy which results in less shine overall.

How strongly should I massage my hair with shampoo?

Are you guilty of going for a good, hard scrub when it’s time for shampoo?

Naturally, we tend to have the mentality that the harder you scrub your hair, the cleaner your scalp will be.

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