Omron Evolv One-Piece Blood Pressure Monitor: Accurate, Quick, Connected
Omron Evolv One-Piece Blood Pressure Monitor: Accurate, Quick, Connected

When it comes to self-monitoring of blood pressure, the best device (assuming equivalent accuracy) is the one that patients are most likely to use.

The Omron Evolv has become that device for the Skeptical Cardiologist, as it combines a unique one-piece design with built-in readout with a quicker, more comfortable yet highly accurate BP measurement technique.

Form and Function

The Evolv is sleek and stylish in appearance and has no external tubes, wires, or connectors. It runs on four AAA batteries.

The cuff is pre-formed and is incredibly easy to self-administer to the upper arm. Measurement is simple. Press the start button and it immediately starts inflating the cuff.

The results are displayed on an LCD screen on the cuff.

The Omron uses an oscillometric technique to measure the blood pressure as it is inflating. This “inflationary” technique has been shown to be as accurate as measuring during deflation but is much quicker. A study using the recently developed “Universal Standard Protocol” for evaluating the accuracy of BP devices showed that the Omron Evolv was highly accurate compared to gold standard sphygmomanometry.

Omron has come up with some slick marketing terms for the inflationary and pre-formed wrap aspects:

  • Intellisense Technology – Inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use.
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff – For an easy and accurate reading

With the inflationary technique, the cuff knows when to stop inflating; therefore, there is less tendency to go to higher pressures compared to the deflationary technique and less potential for discomfort from those higher pressures.

Sharing Results

The Evolv communicates via Bluetooth with the Omron Wellness (or Connect) smartphone app. Your BP and heart rate measurements are easily transferred to this app and can be viewed over time.

Here are my blood pressure and heart rate measurements over the last week:

If you click on the little “export” icon at the upper right had corner of this summary screen, you can “export CSV,” which creates a file of BP measurements over a defined period that can then be emailed to yourself, your curious friends, or your doctor.

Another option is to export the summary report, but this is a premium feature and requires payment.

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