Garlic for Hair Growth: How it Works
Garlic for Hair Growth: How it Works

How does garlic for hair growth work? Hair loss and thinning are usually caused by a deficiency in the body, so how can garlic replenish that? We know that garlic in nail polish works to strengthen nails, but what can it do for your hair and how exactly does it work? We’re here to answer all of these questions and more! Keep reading to find out how garlic for hair growth works, how to use it, and why you should!

As we already know, garlic is an essential part of most dishes and most cultures. It adds flavor, it’s good for you, and it’s one of the most widely used vegetables in the world. But did you know that in many cultures, and for thousands of years, garlic has been used as a medicinal ingredient? Known for its powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, garlic can cure a number of ailments, including – you guessed it – hair loss and hair thinning!

According to a study that was published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprology, applying a five percent garlic gel to the area of hair loss will help hair to regrow. This is because garlic contains selenium and sulphur, which help fortify the hair’s structure. This means that garlic can not only regrow hair, but also strengthen it. Those with hair loss and thin hair can greatly benefit from the amazing properties of garlic.

Benefits for Hair

  • Antimicrobial: that antimicrobial properties of garlic help to kill germs and bacteria, which are responsible for causing scalp issues, and therefore hindering growth.
  • Rich in Vitamin C: Vitamin C is found , and as such, can help boost collagen production which stimulates hair growth.
  • Rich in Selenium: As we mentioned above, garlic is rich in selenium which helps boost blood circulation. This in turn helps with hair loss and thinning hair.
  • Cleanses: Garlic helps to cleanse the hair and scalp, meaning there is more opportunity for hair growth because it unclogs pores.
  • Treats Dandruff: Garlic has properties that not only can help hair grow but can also stop dandruff in its tracks!
  •  is garlic good for hair growth then? The answer is absolute yes! There are a few different ways you can incorporate garlic into your life not only to help with hair growth but treat a number of different ailments. Garlic supplements are easily available to purchase and they can help cure a common cold, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

    If you don’t consume enough garlic, a garlic supplement may be the answer for you! Additionally, you can also purchase garlic ointment which can be applied topically to the skin, as well as to the hair, especially where hair loss is prevalent. Lastly, you can make your own garlic concoctions which can be applied to the scalp to treat dry scalp, dandruff, and hair loss and hair thinning. Let’s take a look at some of these homemade garlic hair recipes!

    Hair Mask Recipes

  • Honey Hair Mask for Growth

    This combination of garlic combined with honey is truly a powerhouse to combat microbes and fungus. It’s especially great for those who suffer from scalp issues and can help promote hair growth when used on a regular basis.

    In a mortar and pestle add a few cloves and a teaspoon of honey. Mash until it becomes a paste-like consistency. Alternatively, you can also use a food processor to make the paste. Apply all over scalp and hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse out and follow up with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Use 2-3 times a week for several months.

    Coconut Oil & Garlic

    This coconut oil and garlic hair mask are perfect for those with dry hair, as the coconut oil gently hydrates and moisturizes a dry scalp, while the garlic promotes growth and health.

    Grab a few garlic cloves and mash them well. To that, add a little bit of coconut oil to make a paste. Apply all over scalp and hair and massage gently for several minutes. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse out and follow up with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Use 2-3 times a week for several months.

     Infused Oil

    Not to be confused with garlic essential oil, simply garlic cloves that have been added to the oil. You can add several crushed cloves to any carrier oil of your choices such as olive oil or coconut oil. Let this mixture infuse for a night or two and apply it to the scalp and hair. Massage gently into the scalp for about 5 minutes. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse out and follow up with a natural shampoo and conditioner. Use 2-3 times a week for several months. Read more

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