Fitbit: Most of us have a busy schedule and don’t pay attention to how much we move each day.  This is by far one of the best things we have found to help track your movement, help you to lose weight,  improve your health, and all while having fun at the same time!

Do you need Help Getting Inspired to Move More?

Do you want to improve your health, lose weight and reduce your risk for serious health problems? How about become stronger and feel better about yourself while having fun at the same time? Do you know someone else that you would love to get moving a bit more?

It’s a proven fact that walking more can help you live longer and the FitBit will get you walking!

Motivates You in Two Ways!

A fitness tracker is a great way to improve your health because it works by motivating you in two ways. First – you can always visibly see at any time during the day how many steps you have taken. Second – you can join groups where other people can see how many steps you have taken and these people can challenge you to do more! Join a fun weekly step challenge with up to 10 friends, or do a weekend warrior and see who takes home the honor of top dog!

When I first picked up the new Fitbit Flex, I initially considered its unadorned surface and clean, ring shape spartan. After all, the device lacks a real screen capable of displaying alphanumeric characters. Instead the Flex sports a thin sliver of a display cut from smoky dark plastic. Underneath the plastic sits a row of five tiny, white LEDs that blink to indicate the Flex’s status.

The Flex’s flexible rubbery band, however, masks the product’s true complexity. Inside a small pouch on the strap’s underbelly you’ll find the real brains of the operation, a smooth plastic pebble that contains all the Flex’s electronics. In fact, the LEDs visible from the band’s surface are actually located on this little gizmo. Indeed, half the size of the current Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip, the new Flex is Fitbit’s smallest tracker yet.

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