Ergo Myofascial Releaser Tool - Easy to Use Ergonomic Physical Therapy Tool
Ergo Myofascial Releaser Tool - Easy to Use Ergonomic Physical Therapy Tool

The Myofascial Releaser tools were specifically designed for IAFM (Instrument Assisted Fascial Mobilization) and IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) with both the clinician and the do-it-yourself individual/athlete in mind.

SAVE YOUR FINGERS: Your fingers won’t get tired and they won’t slip on this tool! The ergonomic handle is perfect for reducing hand and finger fatigue on long days of treating patients.

WEIGHT & BALANCE: You will immediately feel comfortable holding and using the Myofascial Releaser tools. Not too light, and not too heavy. The Ellipse tools are crafted through CNC machining to ensure each tool provides the greatest feedback and sensitivity when breaking through fascial adhesions.

SANITARY: If you are a clinician, please don’t use material that absorbs oils and liquids. That’s just gross. Polished steel will not absorb oils and liquids unlike tools made from stone, jade and bone. The Ellipse tools don’t have any crevices for lotions and oils to get trapped in either.

PERFECT EDGES: This is the key to the whole thing. Too rounded…not effective. Too sharp…too painful. We’ve spent lots of research and development time to get this dialed into perfection.

VERSATILE: The versitility of the Myofascial Releaser Ellipse tool allows you to do what it takes at least three tools from other brands to equal. Read more…

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