Elvie Kegel Exercise Trainer helps you achieve that inner beauty by providing the pelvic floor with strength training exercises to tighten up muscles. “Super simple and easy to use and noticeable improvements,” writes one Dermstore customer. With each exercise, the pelvic floor muscles grow stronger, helping to promote better bladder control and get the body in tip-top shape for pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Why we love it: It’s a different take on inner beauty and through strengthening our inside muscles, we can not only help our body physically but also feel more confident on the outside, too. Focusing on the exercises also helps train our focus in a world where short attention spans thrive.

An award-winning pelvic floor strengthener that works in conjunction with an app to help improve bladder and muscle health.


Durable and waterproof, Elvie Kegel Exercise Trainer from Elvie is an expert-backed device that improves your pelvic muscle strength over time. Designed to give your pelvic floor a complete workout, this personal device is complete with six unique games that help motivate and correct with use.

Key Benefits:

  • Pelvic floor exercises prepare the body for pregnancy and help faster recovery from childbirth
  • Develop and maintain muscle tone
  • Regain or improve bladder control
  • Improve confidence and emotional well-being

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