Eggs for Hair – Benefits and Uses
Eggs for Hair – Benefits and Uses

Who doesn’t desire long, lustrous, healthy hair? But common hair issues like brittle hair, hair loss can make it seem like an impossible dream. People may be ready to try expensive shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, hair serums and even exclusive hair treatments in their ambition to attain healthy-looking hair. Nonetheless, all efforts and money spent on making it a reality may go down the drain. But then again are you aware that strong and shiny hair may be merely an egg pop away? Eggs can be a natural alternative to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth.

Amazing Benefits of Eggs for Hair

Eggs which are readily available in most households can be a wonderful inexpensive solution to all hair-related issues. Some advantages of egg on hair can be:

1. Supports Hair Growth

Eggs have an abundance of proteins which serve as nutrition for hair boosting its growth. It also promotes the healthy new growth of hair.

2. Restricts Hair Loss

Use of protein-enriched eggs helps in making the hair follicle stronger. It stimulates the scalp, strengthening the hair roots. Stronger hair is less expected to break and fall.

3. Enhances Hair Elasticity

Egg yolks are high in lutein which hydrates the hair thereby improving its elasticity. It also helps in developing resistance to breakage which may translate into fewer split ends.

4. Adds Shine

Regular use of eggs on hair imparts ample nourishment infusing dull hair with a healthy shine. Eggs help preserve hair’s natural oils, unlike shampoos which usually strip them away.

5. Fosters Repair

Hair is composed mostly of protein. The protein prevailing in eggs help build and heal the damaged structure of the hair thus making it thicker and less brittle. People with thin, lifeless hair may particularly benefit from the use of eggs.

6. Improves Texture

Applying eggs to hair makes it smooth and revamps the texture. Eggs act as a conditioner and can moisturize dry hair.

Which Part of The Egg Work Best for the Hair?

It is important to consider the type of hair while reflecting which part of the egg may work well for the hair. The white of an egg may suit oily hair more while an egg yolk can prove beneficial for dry hair. However, applying the whole egg may allow the hair to extract twin benefit of both the yolk and the white. It may be particularly rewarding for people with regular or combination hair.

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