Dexter Surgical Robot Works with All Laparoscopy Tools

Robotic laparoscopic surgery is now widely available, with Intuitive Surgical da Vinci systems being the most common robots out there. These systems typically require specialty tools provided by the robot manufacturer, and the selection is quite limited compared with the wide array of conventional laparoscopic tools that exist. Now, Distalmotion, a Swiss firm, has won European regulatory clearance to introduce its Dexter Surgical Robot that works with any laparoscopic tools.

The Dexter is designed to be easy to bring in and out of the surgical space and used when robotic manipulation can help with increased precision, dexterity, and ergonomics. Switching between robotic surgery and laparoscopy for the surgeon is pretty much a matter of getting up from the console and grabbing the tools by hand. The Dexter also comes with its own single-use 8 mm instruments for routine use in dissection and suturing, both mono- and bipolar.

Distalmotion claims that the Dexter can be used alongside any commercial laparoscopic tower, allowing for 4k, 3D, ICG or any other existing or future imaging technology to be integrated along with it.

The console can be raised and lowered, like a standing desk, to allow the surgeon to operate sitting down or standing up.

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