Cryo Freeze Tools
Cryo Freeze Tools

Cryo Freeze Tools: A cooling, soothing set! Freeze Tools are perfect for calming inflamed skin and soothing any puffiness. Additionally, they regulate blood circulation of your face, tighten and firm skin, and aid in allergy relief. The Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone helps drain puffiness and unwanted toxins, contours your face, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to providing healing and anti-aging benefits, this tool fits perfectly into all facial contours for a deep, relaxing massage.

  • Depuffs, reduces swelling and inflammation

  • Visibly awakens skin

  • Refreshes, calms and soothes

  • Description

Bring the professional cryo facial experience home with the GEORGIA LOUISE Cryo Facial Freeze Tools, designed to depuff and awaken skin. The extreme cold temperature of these massage tools drastically helps to firm, tighten, reduce inflammation, enhance dead skin cell exfoliation and strengthen skin.

  • Leave in freezer overnight before use
  • Use anywhere on face
  • Cover the eye area for 10-15 seconds to depuff

The tools, which have popped up in celebrity skincare routines and on TikTok, come in pairs and are used after being placed in the freezer for several hours. Rubbing the spherical tools on your skin in specific upwards motions results is a super cooling facial massage that’s said to both tighten and lift.  Read More..

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