BrushPearl Ultrasonic Makeup Brush Cleaning Device
BrushPearl Ultrasonic Makeup Brush Cleaning Device

I don’t know who needs to hear this… but wash your makeup brushes. This ultrasonic makeup brush cleaning device cleans multiple brushes at once in three cycles (wash, rinse, and dry) without damaging the delicate bristles. Clean your brushes with BrushPearl once a week for sanitation and the prevention of blemish-causing bacteria.

  • MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANING SYSTEM: Unlike Makeup brush spinners or mats, the BrushPearl uses revolutionary Patented Ultrasonic cleaning technology that was previously only available to industry professionals. The BrushPearl is capable of cleaning multiple brushes at one time of all brands, shapes and materials including skin and kabuki style brushes without the damaging effects of friction type cleaning to your brush investment in 3 cycles of wash, rinse, and dry.
  • IMPROVE MAKEUP APPLICATION: Experience the difference; frequent cleaning of brushes using BrushPearl proprietary cleanser and conditioner maintains your brushes in like new condition substantially improving application of all types of makeup while extending the life of your brushes.
  • PROTECT SKIN: Properly cleaned and sanitary brushes help to avoid skin breakouts and blemishes
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Stylish attractive and compact beauty appliance that fits nicely into any environment; no moving or multiple parts to maintain or keep track of: touch pad control with multiple timer options. Read more…

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