Best Foot Care Tips In Monsoon You Can’t Afford To Miss!
Best Foot Care Tips In Monsoon You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Everyone loves monsoon as it comes along with the cool breeze, pleasant weather and greenery all around. Best Foot Care Tips In Monsoon You Can’t Afford To Miss!. It brings happiness after a scorching summer. The rainy season and the downpour may surely compel you to take off your shoes and feel the cool rainwater under your feet.

But, do you know? The mud and dirt that sticks to your heels while enjoying the monsoon can make your feet skin dry, rough and a breeding ground for microbial infections.

Not only enjoying monsoon but our daily outdoor activities during rainy season bring dampness and moisture in your shoes resulting, smelly & dirty feet, turning your feet skin unhealthy.

Following Are Few Essentials Things For Best Foot Care Tips:

Shea Butter For Cracked Heels

It has excellent healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter helps to heal the cracked heels and helps to restore their health. It also helps to relieve dryness, flakiness of the skin, dermatitis, and eczema.

Kokum Butter

It plays a great role in smoothing and moisturization of the skin. It is one of the best skin conditioning agents for dry skin.

Active Silver Ions

It is used as an extremely effective antibacterial activity and skin healing solution. It protects feet from various microbial infections and allergies.

Omega 3 For Skin ( Lipex Omega)

It acts as an emollient and anti-oxidant agent. They helps to soften and soothe the rough and irritated skin. It is also resistant against UV induced oxidation.

Pentavitin (Saccharide Isomerate)

It acts as a ‘Water-Magnet’. It helps to retain moisture in the skin and prevent dryness.

This helps in the extended stay of cream and to cherish its benefits.
So, choose the Foot cream which offers you these benefits and makes your feet healthy and beautiful. Read More…………

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