Bedtime Routine for Pristine Beauty Sleep
Bedtime Routine for Pristine Beauty Sleep

It may sound like a simple thing to do, but a bedtime routine is super important and something that we don’t think about too often. There are so many different aspects that can affect how you wake up in the morning and taking care of yourself the night before can make a huge difference. Getting the right amount of sleep, and prepping your skin and mind for the next day are all huge factors in how you’ll feel when you wake up! These bedtime routines will ensure you wake up feeling fresh and energized each and every single time!

Bedtime Routine for Pristine Beauty Sleep

For your outside, from inside

  1. Drink water. Right before bed, drink a glass or two of water and watch your face be full of life in the morning. You can add a little lime or apple cider vinegar to flush out any impurities from the day. These two substances calm the stomach and get rid of waste and bad bacteria. Most blemishes and impurities are our body’s way of saying something is backed up.
  2. Eat well and light for dinner. Eating a bunch of sugar and/ or meat right before sleeping is sure to give you some unwanted blemishes. As said above, our bodies show what’s going on inside so its a good idea to have a light dinner and eat no more than 3 hours before sleeping. (Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals!)
  3. Get sufficient sleep. Sleeping too much or too little will cause exhaustion in our mind and skin. Getting just enough, about 6-8 hours, is ideal. Our bodies do most of its repairing and regenerating while we are sleeping so it’s important to make sure you’re giving your cells the right dose of dreams.

For your outside, from outside

  1. Wash your face before going to bed. Leaving makeup and dirt and oil on our faces overnight can cause serious irritation and gnarly pimples. Remember to always wash your face before laying down.
  2. Brush your hair and put it up. Sleeping on tangled hair will only cause hair loss and split ends from all the friction of tugging and pulling your hair on your pillows. Your best bet is to gently comb your hair and tie it in a bun on the very top of your head. A great idea is to use the 6+ hours you won’t be seeing anyone apply a homemade hair mask. Applying your favorite oil or product all over your head and letting it get deep into the roots and strands overnight will give you prime hair care.
  3. Use a moisturizer if you want super smooth skin overnight.  This could be as simple as a body lotion or an aloe face mask.
  4. Make sure sheets and pillowcases are CLEAN. So much of the blemishes we get can be avoided just by changing out pillowcases more often. All of the oils, dust, and dirt from our days get plastered onto our sheets and we forget and disregard it because we are ‘clean’ when we get into bed (hopefully.) This can happen no more! Please for the love of good skin, change your sheets at least twice a week. Read more