Beautistics: makeup bag, beauty tracker, budgets
Beautistics: makeup bag, beauty tracker, budgets

Beautistics is a nice and handy application created for you not only to track the expiration dates, your Project Pan progress, but to become your personal beauty manager. Your makeup, care products, perfume, all your collection is near at hand. The application remembers prices and other useful statistics, it helps to follow your budgets and saves your future purchases in a wish list. You’ll be able to organize a routine with help of a smart beauty calendar: the application will remind you of planned procedures. It’s only a part of all the Beautistics’ features!


• Bar code scanner and smart suggestions to add your items quickly
• Makeup expiration dates
• Project Pan special features
• Budget planning
• Advanced beauty statistics in your phone
• Smart reminders
• Collection backup
• Handy beauty calendar
• Organize the makeup bag by brands and types
• Create a personal wish list

There is no need to remember the dates of opening packages and cosmetics expiration dates. Beautistics will do it for you. It’s enough to allow notifications, and the application will notify you about the products that are expiring soon or already expired

Plan your purchases with a help of Beautistics’ special function. You can set your monthly, quarterly and yearly budget. If you are close to that limits or reach it, Beautistics will notify you. It will help you to avoid casual purchases: the application can really save your money.

Add your new cosmetics in a few seconds or add all the information about the new product to get the most comprehensive statistics. The bar code scanner helps to search among 200.000+ products with brands and photos. You can also write down your impressions about the usage of the item and attach a photo or an image from your smartphone to it.

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