AstroCare App is the one-stop solution for your well-being. A platform where you can book appointment with doctors, book lab tests and order any sort of medicine online. We put in front all your medicinal needs to give an extra mile delivery and let you enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Book Doctor Appointment online

Using AstoCare’s comprehensive portal, you can easily book with the best Doctors of your city instantly online. Just login to AstoCare and we will help you connect with the best medical practitioners near you. No need to wait in lines at a random doctor’s clinic. Just book with AstoCare and get medical attention from the best!

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If you find browsing various Labs to get your tests done, tiring and irritating, you have come to the right place! Just login to AstoCare and easily book your desired Lab Tests from the nearby Pathological Lab. It will not only save a lot of your time and energy but also help you realise how comfortable medical care can be!

Check for Banned medicines

Besides providing you highly practical and trustworthy alternatives for medical care, in your own city, AstoCare also helps you check for Banned Medicines instantly online. Using our assistance, you will be able to conveniently trust whatever drug you consume! Just login to our interface and easily search for banned medicines from our vast database. It is that simple!

Fit your convenience

The best part about booking Doctor Appointments/Lab Tests with AstoCare, online, is the uninterrupted convenience. Not only do we save you the trouble of waiting in a queue but also help you schedule when and with whom you wish to book your appointment. We are your partner in healthcare. We care for you and want the highest level of comfort for you, at all times.