Appointik - Medical Practice Management
Appointik - Medical Practice Management

Appointik is a cloud-based lightweight Medical Practice Management app for Clinics and Practitioners/Doctors. Simplistic design inspired by WhatsApp! It works even without internet. It is free forever !!

What’s better than a free medical app? A free Android-native medical app. Appointik is currently free (except in India) and gives users medical practice management capabilities at their fingertips.

Appointik allows users to have unlimited patients and unlimited practitioners, saves patient records in the cloud, and even works offline.

Word to the wise: The app isn’t HIPAA-compliant yet, but if you need something to take care of scheduling physicians at your practice, this app might be for you.


Unlimited Doctors | Unlimited Patients | Unlimited Appointments | Unlimited SMS and Calendar Event notifications | Unlimited Clinics | Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records (EHR/EMR) | E-Prescription | Itemized Billing & Receipt generation | SMS in Regional languages | WhatsApp Integration | Unlimited Storage on Google Secure Servers | Works offline | Self Registration | Reports


Patient registration, track and manage entire patient data, contact patients directly from the app on their phone, email or WhatsApp, etc.


With Appointik, the user can schedule appointments, send notifications, record patient visits, upload health records, view history, write e-prescriptions, generate payment receipts etc. Auto SMS reminders to patients on the previous day of the appointment. SMS notifications in regional languages (non-English). SMS notifications in the background feature work only in India. Appointment notifications to WhatsApp number! Read more

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