8 Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair From Blonde to Brown, According to Hair Pros
8 Things to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair From Blonde to Brown, According to Hair Pros

While most people are amping up their highlights this time of year, you’re considering toning things down by ditching your blonde strands for brown. Switching up your hair color is no doubt exciting, so long as you turn to the pros to help you achieve your desired shade. But selecting a capable and credentialed colorist isn’t the only consideration you should make before diving into a deeper hue. Just like going from brown to blonde, the opposite transition requires a great deal of upkeep. You also want to be choosy when it comes to your at-home care since certain ingredients and brands might react differently on your brown hair than it did on your blonde.

To help ease the transition, we talked to master colorists who cover the grounds on what you need to know before booking your appointment.

1. Try on a wig first to be sure

A drastic hair color change can dramatically change the way you look. So if you’re really committed to going dark, NYC-based master hair colorist Stephanie Brown recommends trying on a wig first to make sure that you like how you look as a brunette. “Wear it around all day without makeup so you really get a feel for how you will look on a regular basis,” she says. Remember: Going back to blonde won’t happen with a snap of your finger, so you have to make sure you’re fully invested in the color change.

2. For best results, transition slowly

While you might think that you’re ready to make such a bold transition, you might find that you prefer somewhere in between blonde and brown. In fact, Brown sees a lot of clients who don’t like being brunette after they’ve been blonde for so long. For this reason, she suggests going darker slowly to avoid making the mistake of going too dark. “I usually will highlight a little and do a lot of lowlights to add some depth and darkness into the hair—that’s usually good enough because 90 percent of the time client wants to go back to being more blonde the next time I see them,” she says.

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