7 Ultra-Moisturizing Mayonnaise Facial Masks to Look Beautiful Inside Out
7 Ultra-Moisturizing Mayonnaise Facial Masks to Look Beautiful Inside Out

Mayonnaise Facial Masks: All of us want radiant skin that is spotless and well-hydrated. But not everyone is blessed with one and there come simple, readily available, natural ingredients to our rescue. Mayonnaise is one such luscious home remedy to try out. Yes, you may already know about the amazing benefits of mayonnaise for hair but it can delight your skin too and make it flawless over time.

What is Mayonnaise?

Let us start with a brief understanding of what mayonnaise actually is. Well, mayonnaise or mayo is a cold condiment or dressing, which is solid in the form yet viscous in the consistency. It has long been used as a culinary item in sandwiches, hamburgers, Tartar sauce, composed salads, and French fries.

Skin Benefits of Mayonnaise

When it comes to using homemade facial masks, mayonnaise is a sure bet. Following are the reasons for which you should include mayonnaise in your weekly beauty regime:

  • Mayo delivers a serious dose of hydration to the skin. Being rich in egg and soybean oil, it works as a natural emollient that soothes dry and damaged skin beautifully while making it super soft and supple (3).
  • It exfoliates the skin thoroughly by sloughing off dead cells along with dust, dirt, and excess sebum. As a result, the layer of fresh cells underneath is revealed and the skin looks invigorated.
  • The exfoliating properties of mayonnaise are effective in making the skin tone lighter too.
  • Components like egg and soybean oil in mayonnaise also help in tightening the skin and making them look younger by unclogging the pores and nourishing the cells deeply.

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